Tesla Gigafactory 1 has already released more than half a billion battery cells

Tesla Gigafactory 1, which produces batteries in partnership with Panasonic, is quickly becoming the most important asset of the automaker, since at present, it has already released more than half a billion battery cells.

Ensure battery is the most important part of increasing production of electric cars for automakers. Most of them have the same approach to the conclusion of large contracts with manufacturers of batteries and some are involved in the development of the elements.

Tesla has chosen a unique approach, not only participating in the development of the elements and participated in the entire supply chain of the battery cells, joining in partnership with Panasonic and actually owning the manufacturing facility, Tesla Gigafactory 1.

Both companies have spent billions on this project and it can already be considered successful, since it became the world’s largest plant for the production of battery cells with an annual capacity of over 20 GW / h According to calculations, Tesla and Panasonic have already produced more than 600 million battery cells, which is about 11 GW⋅h of power consumption.

These storage elements (2170) is intended for Model 3 and for stationary energy Tesla products. But the company also uses imported items for these products, making it difficult to determine the contribution of cells from the Gigafactory 1.

Cells Model 3 are lithium-ion cells 2170 © YouTube Sean Mitchell

It is expected that soon this power will increase to 35 GW * h with a new production line from Panasonic. The Japanese electronics giant is also in talks with Tesla about increasing their investment in the Gigafactory 1 excess capacity of 35 GW⋅h

The production volume of the battery cells 1 allows Tesla Gigafactory to produce electric cars with greater range and with greater speed than any other automaker in the world. But it is also believed that the company has the advantage in cost when it comes to batteries.

According to a recent report, Tesla’s batteries have an advantage in value by 20% in comparison with LG Chem, which many consider the leader in the production of batteries. They argue that the cost of the batteries Tesla is $ 111 per kW⋅h, and LG Chem — $ 148 per kW / h

Tesla recently announced that by year-end it plans to reach the cost of $ 100 per kW / h Low cost will produce a budget version of the Tesla Model 3. In addition, the President of Tesla Automotive, Jerome Gillen (Jerome Guillen) said recently that the company is working on a new and improved design of the battery cells.

We will remind, recently Tesla showed how to collect rechargeable batteries at the Gigafactory 1.

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