Tesla has hired Cookie Monster to show how it works “mode time”

Tesla demonstrated his new car alarm Sentry Mode, the video with Cookie Monster from sesame Street.

The video shows how the Cookie Monster, trying to “aggressive” to damage the Model 3 to get to the cookies in the car, resulting in 2 triggered alarm.

The first visual on the screen that Cookie Monster can’t see that as “attacks” from the windshield.
The second sound, accompanied by blasting music, as previously announced by the company. The second signal is activated once Cookie Monster started aggressively pounding on the windshield.

The whole process of the attack was recorded on the front camera of the electric car, the video from which the company also published.

Most interesting is that if you look closely at the video, you can see that the mode “Sentry Mode” has been activated before Cookie Monster has even touched the car.

We will remind, recently in Tesla talked about hidden features of the mode “hours”.

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