Tesla has installed more than 12,000 charging points on 1400 stations worldwide

Last year, Tesla established about 3,500 new charging points. Fast charger Tesla Supercharger network recently reached 1422 stations 12 001 with charging points, in accordance with the data of the official website of Tesla.

More detailed statistics from the website supercharge.info shows that a network of charging stations Tesla worldwide is growing rapidly. If we take the data on an annual basis, the number of Tesla Supercharger stations increased by 28%, and the number of charging points by 40%.

Tesla also increases not only the number of stations, but the number of superchargers to the station (both new and old stations). Other changes relate to the installation of city charging points less power (about 72 kW compared with the standard 120 kW). In Europe, the company is upgrading their stations with compatible connectors CCS Combo for Tesla Model 3.

The biggest stations are in China (3 at 50 points) and USA (4 at 40 points of charge).

Nearly half of the charging stations located in North America, where there is also the fastest growing. Soon, the growth should improve in Europe, which is a natural consequence of the mass introduction to the market Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Supercharger in North America © tesla.com

Tesla Supercharger in Europe © tesla.com

Tesla Supercharger in Asia © tesla.com

One of the biggest changes to the Tesla Supercharger network is a paid service, today Tesla completes referral program to attract customers, as well as attempts to raise prices by charging around the world, which then was adjusted after the negative reaction of customers.

Until now, Tesla did not disclose any details about the expected network upgrade to higher power levels.

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