Tesla has received more than 14,000 orders for Model 3 owners from booking in Europe

According to estimates by enthusiasts, to date, Tesla has already received more than 14300 orders for the Tesla Model 3 in Europe. Last month Tesla opened access for European customers to order Model 3 for holders of redundancy in several European markets and was gradually opened to other European countries.

Here is the distribution of orders Tesla Model 3 for the countries on the basis of counting:

The distribution of orders for the Tesla Model 3 for European countries

It is not surprising that Norway is still leading with a large number of orders, because 1 of 3 sold in 2018 in Norway cars were electric.

Note that the book now only the most expensive version of the Long Range models, and Performance Dual Motor.

Tesla plans to start delivering to Europe for 3000 Model 3 in a week, since February. Tesla delivery in Europe will take several weeks, because, according to the port company responsible for the unloading of vehicles in the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, they plan to process 3000 Model 3 a week.

Photos of the exterior of the Tesla Model 3

Photos of the interior of Tesla Model 3

As we reported yesterday, Tesla has already opened the online Configurator Model 3 to the public in Europe and China.

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