Tesla increases prices on the Supercharger around the world by about 33%

Since Tesla officially ends any type of free program for their charging stations, the automaker surprises its owners sharp rise in prices on the Supercharger around the world.

All new models officially sold in the new programme Supercharger with pay-per-use since November last year.

The automaker still offered limited free periods, as part of their referral program, but now that the program appears to be discontinued permanently starting next month, any cease free support.

The owners will now have to pay for the consumed kWh used at the stations Tesla Supercharger, or pay for time in certain markets which do not allow direct sales of electricity.

Officially, Tesla departs from its structure at the level of States/regions to implement the pricing structure for each station to obtain a more comprehensive rates, based on local electricity rates and needs.

Last year, Tesla has increased the cost of Supercharger in the United States. But this time prices are rising worldwide, and also in the US there is another price increase.

For example, the price in new York was $0.24 per kWh across the state after the last increase, and now at the Central parts of new York it has grown to $0.32 kWh — roughly 33% more.

In other foreign markets also observed a significant increase in prices, and now most markets are paid from 0.28 to 0.32 Euro per kWh.

In Norway, one of the most important markets for Tesla, which accounts for one of the highest concentrations of fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharger, the cost of using the station has increased from 1.40 to 1.86 kroner per kWh.

It seems that the price in the world rose by approximately 33%, based on the most markets. The carmaker has always maintained that their station superchargers Supercharger “will never be a profit center”. Instead, the company says it wants to use the income from the network to extend it with more stations.

Currently, Tesla operates 1 422 011 stations with 12 points worldwide, and this year the number is expected to double.

We will remind, yesterday in a letter to its employees, the company announced the staff reductions on the background of a pre-production Model 3 for $35 000.

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