Tesla invented a way to avoid blocking charging stations Supercharger

After a few problems at the charging stations Tesla Supercharger, where cars running on internal combustion engines, blocked access to charging stations, Tesla has started to implement an innovative device for the prevention of lock to place was always available for charging of electric vehicles Tesla.

Cars with internal combustion engines often block access to charging stations, taking the place for electric cars. Most often it is the mistake of the driver or the person who is indifferent, although recently we have reported cases in the US, when the drivers of pickups did it deliberately aggressive in protest against Tesla.

The most interesting that in China, Tesla started to use an interesting system to avoid this. The device is electro-mechanical lock of the Parking space, equipped with a QR code associated with an application for owners of electric Tesla.

Innovative locking device designated at the charging stations Tesla in China © electrek.co

Tesla started to install these devices on new Supercharger stations in China. It would be nice if this system was used all over the world where possible.

Recall that in response to recent U.S. tendency to “freeze” the field at the charging stations Tesla Supercharger, one of the owners showed how using Model X can be done “unfreezing”.

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