Tesla is Recalling more than 14,000 Model S electric cars because of problems with Takata airbags in China

Tesla begins review 14 123 Model S electric vehicles exported to China in the world, problems with the gas generators of airbags Takata.

Defective Takata airbags have led to the largest recall of vehicles in US history, and over the past few years, he became even more when it was revealed 40 million more problems with them, some of them were installed in the Tesla.

For Tesla this applies to all electric cars the Model S, released in the period 4 February 2014 to 9 December 2016, but the automaker decided not to risk and to recall all of them — starting with those that were delivered in 2012.

Tesla began to replace the passenger airbags in all Model S sedans in 2012 in 2017, and now is the turn to China. The state administration for market supervision of China announced that Tesla has officially filed an application for review of the Model S in China.

The document says that when the airbag deploys on the passenger side that are equipped with Takata generators on the basis of ammonium nitrate without dryer there is a risk that they will break into pieces and injure those in the cabin.

Recall that Tesla had previously withdrawn 123 000 Model S due to possible corrosion of the bolts in the steering, in such a mass recall after Tesla accused the company Bosch.

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