Tesla launches mode “Sentry Mode” to protect against break-ins and theft

Tesla upgrades its EVS adding to their previously promised “time” Sentry Mode — a unique level of protection, constantly monitoring the environment around the car.

When the mode “Sentry Mode” is enabled, it is in the hold status and uses the outer cameras of the electric vehicle to detect potential threats.

When it is detected a minimal threat, for example, when someone leans on the car mode “Sentry Mode” is switched to a state of “Alert” and displays on the touch screen a message stating that the cameras record everything that happens with the car.

When discovered a more serious threat, for example, someone breaks a window mode “Sentry Mode” switches to the status “Alarm” and activate a car alarm, increases the brightness of the Central display and plays music at maximum volume from the sound system of electric vehicle.

Owners of electric cars also receive a notification about the incident on a mobile app the Tesla. They can record everything that happens on a separate USB drive that you want to prepare before start-up mode.

The first access mode will be the owners of Model 3 in the USA, then it will be available for Model S and Model X.

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