Tesla Model 3 has received approval for sales of electric cars in the European market

Tesla has received European approval for Model 3, which allows the automaker to sell new electric car on the European market.

RDW, the Dutch regulator and the European authority used Tesla for approval of their vehicle for European roads, confirmed that Model 3 is now approved for Europe. The electric car is already included in the list of the RDW in the Netherlands, which means the green light for the European Union, plus Norway and Switzerland.

Model 3 has been approved in Europe! Homologation secured. ???????? https://t.co/HYoGHxwCMX

— Model 3 VINs (@Model3VINs) January 18, 2019

As we reported just over a week ago, in the port of San Francisco was discovered a large batch of Tesla Model 3, which was prepared for loading into the ship.

The Tesla Model 3 in the Parking lot at the port of San Francisco © Twitter Somehowwelost

It is expected that the cargo ship will arrive in the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, over the next 2 weeks. Port company engaged in the unloading of cars in Zeebrugge, plans to process 3000 Model 3 in a week coming to Europe, starting next month.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is even considering to allow buyers to pick up your car right at the port:

Thanks, good idea!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 18, 2019

Although it is unclear whether the company actually do this, as it can forbid the port authority.

At the beginning of this month, Tesla received more than 14,000 orders Model 3 in Europe. It is only from the owners of the reservations, and it is expected that their number will grow since then, as Tesla has opened orders for the Model 3 to the public in Europe and China.

We will remind, in the European market Tesla is currently taking orders for a version of Model 3 Performance and Dual Motor AWD, which are the most expensive versions of the electric car.

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