Tesla Model 3 retains the highest resale value

According to a new report a California company evaluation vehicles Kelley Blue Book, Tesla Model 3 retains a higher value on the secondary market than competitors, although the estimate is based on very little data. Recently, a similar score was given to the Model S and X, which also holds a high resale value.

In a published report Model 3 topped the category of electric vehicles, but in General would have occupied leading positions in other categories if they were included.

The Electric Car Tesla Model 3

In the comments to the report stated that Model 3 is the car that you are willing to wait months and even years, people don’t just want — they want to get this model, so resale value will stay high.

Kelley Blue Book predicts the cost of electric resale at 69.3% of the initial 36 months and 48.7% after 60 months.

The report considers all the electric cars separately, not in the context of competition with the fuel cars. If Model 3 were included in the category “luxury car” or “midsize car”, she would become a leader in both of them by a large margin.

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