Tesla Model 3 using CCS Combo 2 reaches new record speed of 126 kW charging — faster than the Supercharger

Dutch network operator charging FastNed has published the results of charging for the Tesla Model 3, was at one of its stations with a capacity of 175 kW and has recorded a new record speed charging for electric vehicles — 126 kW (peak).

As we know, Tesla has always used its own connector to charge their electric cars to work with the Supercharger network in North America. In Europe, the company used the Type 2 connector, but the European version of Model 3 received the CCS connector.

Diagram of charging Tesla Model 3 with the CCS Combo 2 connector © Twitter Fastned

The chart shows that the European Model 3 with the CCS Combo connector (Type 2) may consume about 125 kW at the battery level from 10% to 48%, at the peak of 126 kW, but let’s round it up to 125 kW.

As you can see, Model 3 reaches the charging rate of 126 kW, which is a new maximum speed of charging that we saw a Tesla, and about 6 kW higher than on their own Tesla superchargers.

Interestingly, Tesla recently said that the owners of the Model 3, as well as the owners of Model S and Model X with adapter CCS can be charged with power up to 120 kW, and that the restriction is “car, not the adapter”.

Recall that the first customers of the Tesla Model 3 in Europe already received their cars.

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