Tesla Model X converted to “electric ambulance” in Denmark

Emergency service “Falck” turned electrocreaser Tesla Model X in an ambulance to assess whether they will be able to create a car for the emergency services with zero emissions.

Modified Tesla Model X converted to “electric ambulance” in Denmark © falck.com

An interesting upgrade of an electric vehicle, according to the General Director of the service is a separate power system all the new equipment in the electric vehicle, which is arranged without using the battery of the electric vehicle. Also a very important upgrade is the installed heating system to Model X did not use the power from the battery to the climate system in winter.

A converted electric vehicle ambulance Tesla Model X © falck.com

Unfortunately, the company only provided 2 pictures of the vehicle, not showing all the “first aid” and an additional electrical system, so the innovation can only guess.

Recall that this is not the first Model X V is converted into a emergency vehicle, not so long ago, another ambulance service made on the basis of the crossover car of fast reaction.

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