Tesla releases an update for defrosting lock charger port

Many owners of the Tesla in the winter, have problems with the use of electric cars that the company is trying to solve with new software updates.

The next week the automaker will add the option package “cold weather” new update, which will help to thaw the charging port of the electric vehicle in sub-zero temperatures.

The charging port of the electric vehicle Tesla Model 3

The release of the update is that some owners of models Tesla complained that at low temperature the latch of the charging port, freeze, and disconnect the charger connector is impossible.

In a previous update, the “cold weather” Tesla changed the behavior of the charging port, the latch remained unlocked so you can insert a charging cable, even if the latch is frozen. It is unclear at what temperature it works, and this also means that someone could easily remove the cable from the charging.

Now Tesla solve the problem using the climate system, resorting to pre-heating the charging port with this mobile app.

Recall that with the application of the Tesla remotely, you can activate heated seats and steering wheel.

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