Tesla requests that the administration trump exemption from tax on mission-critical component of the computer Model 3 China

Tesla appealed to the administration trump with a request to release from a 25 percent tax on some Chinese-made products for critical parts of the automobile Model 3.

In the past year by the President, trump announced a series of new tariffs on Chinese goods in a growing trade war with China. One of the goals was to convince the American company to produce more of its products in the United States.

Despite the fact that Tesla currently produces all of its electric vehicles in the United States, it still relies on Chinese suppliers for certain specific details which may be difficult to manufacture in the USA.

Tesla in this case is talking about the “brain” of the car computer made in China, mounted on electric car Model 3.

Tesla States that “the choice of any other provider, as well as preparing sterile areas, validation of the Assembly lines and training of staff, would have postponed the program (Model 3) for 18 months.”

Furthermore, the use of a new supplier can lead to quality problems of electric vehicles, which can affect the safety and acceptance of the final product by consumers.

New 25% rate is quite significant, and Tesla believes that it will affect the profitability and cause “economic damage” to the company.

Tesla has not yet received a response from the government about the tax exemption.

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