Tesla Sentry Mode: hidden mode “time”

The more owners get a new Model 3 function Mode Sentry (“sentry”), the more questions about its use.

We already know how the system looks when it is active, the company now produces additional information related to some customer questions.

First, many users were interested in how much energy consumes the electric vehicle mode when idle. In answering this question, the manufacturer did not specify the power consumption when you use the “Sentry Mode”, but noted that the activation of the function requires a minimum battery level (above 20%).

The second worry of the owners that the USB drive on which is recorded all that is happening with electric vehicles, vandals or thieves can just steal it, breaking the glass of the car. In response, Tesla said that the regime “Sentry Mode” sends the captured frames to Tesla for temporary backup. This is the opinion of the company is to prevent loss of footage in case of theft of the USB drive.

In addition to new information on the mode “time”, Elon Musk said that Tesla will release a new update function in order to simplify activation of the Parking lot.

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