Tesla starts test-drives Model 3 owners for booking in Europe

After 2 years of waiting, the owners of the reservation Tesla Model 3 in Europe get the first opportunity to drive an electric vehicle before the start of deliveries.

In anticipation of the start of mass supply Model 3 Tesla in Europe organizes a cycle of test drives in several European countries for holders of this model. Manufacturer of electric vehicles in Silicon valley has started to send out invitations to the owners of the reservation and potential customers to test drive Model 3. Events will be held from 25 January to 9 February and are organized by the regional offices of the Tesla. Previously Tesla was invited to test the capabilities of electric vehicles in icy conditions in Finland in March this year.

On Twitter the Tesla community members residing in Finland, Sweden, Austria and Germany stated that they received such an invitation. Here’s an invitation from Tesla sent out to the owners of the reservation in Switzerland:

Tesla starts test-drives Model 3 owners for booking in Europe

This is a similar move that Tesla did in the North American market last year. Test drives in Tesla are one of the most effective ways to show potential buyers the benefits and features of electric vehicles of the company.

As we reported earlier, at the beginning of this month, Tesla received more than 14,000 orders Model 3 in Europe. And that’s just from the owners of the reservations, and it is expected that their number will grow since Tesla opened the Configurator Model 3 to the public in Europe and China.

There are currently two cargo ships bound for Europe with vehicles Tesla. This week Tesla has received European approval for sale, Model 3, and the first two shipments are expected to arrive in Norway and Belgium over the next week or two.

Recall, Tesla is also engaged in the expansion of its Supercharger network in the European region with the installation of the stations with two charging devices with USB Type 2, and connector CCS, the latter is the standard used in Model 3. Recently, we wrote about installed a charging station Tesla Supercharger CCS labeled “MODEL 3 PRIORITY”.

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