Tesla turned on the autopilot Model 3 standard in China

Tesla is trying to deliver as many Model 3 in this quarter on the Chinese market before the expiration of a temporary decrease of import tariffs in April. To attract new customers, the automaker is making the unusual step — Enhanced Autopilot becomes standard equipment.

Last month, Tesla started taking orders for Model 3 in China, but only on more expensive all-wheel-drive version of the Long Range and Performance, but after Tesla started taking orders for the cheaper version of the electric version of Long Range with rear wheel drive (for the US market, this model is not available).

Tesla turned on the autopilot Model 3 standard in China © tesla.com

The next step towards increase in sales was the inclusion of Autopilot as standard equipment for all orders. Previously, the autopilot was offered as an option at a price of ~ $6 800.

Now with the inclusion of an autopilot as standard cost a lot more starts to match the prices in the American market.

Recall that Elon Musk calls for customers in China to buy the Model 3 now, to Finance the construction of the plant.

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