Tesla was fined nearly $30,000 in security risk in a production tent Model 3

Fines for security are fairly common in the automotive industry.

As reported by The Verge and Business Insider, Tesla received a fine of almost $30,000 per violation of labor laws of the state of California in the tent, where Model 3. The California division of occupational safety and health have recorded six violations in the period from June 2018 (when the tent was set up) and on 18 December 2018.

Tesla Model 3 Performance, which is going on the Assembly line Tesla GA4 © tesla.com

The California division of occupational safety and health (Cal-OSHA) conducted an inspection of the awning Assembly line Tesla GA4 built to build Model 3, near the main plant and discharged fines for six violations of the labor standards of the state of California totaling $ 365 29. The inspectors visited the facility from June 21 to 18 December 2018 and on results of the audit raised the following claims:

  • Not received permission from Cal-OSHA prior to the start of construction GA4;
  • Not carried out on the Assembly line GA4 for potential security threats;
  • Not closed or gated hole in the floor Assembly line GA4 width 56 cm, length 36 cm and depth 20 cm;
  • Staff are not trained to evacuate from the facility in case of emergency;
  • Employees are not trained in prevention prevention and response to thermal injury.
  • Employees are not protected from the open metallic objects and fixtures, representing the “danger of damage”.
  • “There is nothing more important for me or for Tesla than the health and welfare of our employees,” — said in a statement to Business Insider Lori Shelby (Laurie Shelby), Vice President of Tesla’s environmental, health and safety. She also argues that the inspection was not the result of any incident or injury, and that Cal-OSHA held them until the tent was in the process of construction.

    She added: “My team and managers were focused on GA4 in the last six months, implementing security protocols in all new lines that not only support Tesla in accordance with existing standards, but also reduce the risks for employees. Tesla will challenge OSHA’s findings regarding the security conditions that are present during construction GA4”.

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