Tesla will concentrate the production of Model 3 for export to Europe and China

In the U.S. market delivery Model 3 decreased in the month of January connected with beginning of the expansion of the model in Europe and China. Tesla stated that due to the small number of cars exported, the company will concentrate all the current production of electric vehicles for deliveries to China and Europe. The company specifically chose for this the month of January, as according to seasonal statistics, this is the weakest sales month of the year not only for Tesla but for other automakers, so the huge influx of new orders shouldn’t be.

However, American clients of the company there are no special cause for concern. Recently delivered Tesla Model 3 fast enough according to recent reports, the American buyers got their cars through the week, and in some cases just a few days. So that long delays in supply with the start of export production should not occur.

Photos of the exterior of the Tesla Model 3

Photos of the interior of Tesla Model 3

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