The Belgian port has taken the first batch of Tesla Model 3 for the European market

In Belgium, arrived the first batch of Tesla Model 3 for the European market, which in the port of Zeebrugge prepare for deliveries to customers throughout Europe. Recall that the company which is engaged in the unloading of cars, expects to handle about 3 000 electric cars per week, starting this month.

Thanks to @LucWaterlot, some pictures of #glovisCaptain arriving full of #tesla #Model3 in #portofzeebrugge

— Ulric Dabe (@UlricDabe) February 5, 2019

To the processing of such quantity of cars can take a few days, but overall, Tesla guarantees a short time-out period supply with the arrival of electric cars in the port.

Behind the first ship to port soon should arrive even a few boats with cars for European customers Tesla, because as of last month the company received over 14,000 applications for the electric car from European customers, and this is considering only reservists.

The number of orders is so great that the company has focused the work of its factories in the United States to manufacture electric vehicles exclusively for the European and Chinese markets, the last word will also soon receive the first Model 3, which were loaded at the port of San Francisco in parallel with the car for Europe.

Tesla also launched test-drives of Model 3 for the owners of bookings in Europe to increase the number of orders.

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