The Central display BYTON M-Byte is the width, as seven iPad

The company BYTON showed pictures of the interior of the production version of the future electric crossover M-Byte, which the company officially introduced at CES 2019.

As expected, the interior is a very high-tech and it is consistent with the innovative car. The most eye-catching huge display, which runs through the whole dashboard of the crossover. Representatives of BYTON argue that the solution in the interior originally anticipated, but they were not sure whether to run it in production.

Here is a comparison of the dashboard conceptual version 2018 (top) and the production version 2019 (bottom photo):

Another rather bold solution is built-in the wheel of the tablet, and the touchpad instead of the usual Central tunnel dividing the front passenger and driver. Quite original, but the success of the design will depend on the quality of software that will manage all these technologies.

Besides the interior, the company also introduced its own technology of interaction with the car, which suggests a connection of the driver and passengers with an M-Byte by means of gestures and voice control.

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