The cost of the Tesla Model 3 surprised Porsche and Audi after another engineering analysis

Tesla Model 3 is now entering the European market, and that makes automakers nervous. According to a new report, Porsche and Audi took apart a new Tesla car, and they were quite surprised by his cost.

In the industry quite often buy cars from your competitors to see what they are doing and how the car.

Tesla is the only automaker that currently mass produces an impressive number of electric cars at a profit.

In the early stages of production it was difficult to get Model 3, but some automakers have paid a lot of money to be among the first able to test out a new electric car.

About a year ago, two electric car Model 3 were seen on the way to Germany — presumably for disassembly and analysis. Later, there were reports that Model 3 was impressed by the German automaker after its analysis.

Now a new report by German website Manager Magazin includes a deep dive into the state Audi with comments from executives and insider sources.

On the website Manager Magazin stated that Porsche and Audi are working together on an electric platform of the next generation, had to change its approach because the cost was too high compared to what Tesla produces.

The engineers of Porsche and Audi should change Premium Platform Electric (PPE), because the Tesla Model 3 was better than they thought.

Next generation platform, called the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), was designed almost two years ago, and it is expected to be ready by 2020 or 2021.

According to a new report, the first version was worth 3000 euros more expensive, but Audi believe that they need to reduce cost to be competitive with other upcoming electric cars.

The cost of the battery elements, apparently, is the main factor that increases the cost of the platform, and Tesla claims to be the industry leader in this area.

According to the report, Audi and Porsche can postpone PPE to reduce the cost and to be competitive with Tesla. PPE is becoming increasingly important for Audi in accordance with the report Manager Magazin, which describes an unsuccessful e-tron:

E-tron, as the first electric car Audi, not only late. It does not reach a certain target value and becomes too expensive because development costs amount to more than two billion euros. Approximately 600,000 vehicles sold to break even, is now seen as an illusion.

Electric crossover e-tron was supposed to be delivered to customers last year, but Audi says that the problems with the software have caused delays.

The German automaker still plans to offer other vehicles based on the same platform before it becomes available on the PPE.

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