The electrification of the classic cars made it to the Mini

To the sixtieth birthday Mini company Swindon Powertrain introduced at the London motor show in 2019 all-electric shadow drift E Classic Mini, whose production will be 100 units.

All-electric shadow drift E Classic Mini © shadow

Shadow drift E Classic Mini is a fully restored classic Mini electric. Four-seater car equipped with a battery capacity of 24 kWh and the electric motor 80 kW (110 HP) that allows it to pass without charging up to 200 km and accelerate from 0 to 96 km/h in 9.2 seconds and top speed is 130 km/h. Full charge takes just four hours using a widely available connector Type 2.

Shadow drift E Classic Mini charging © shadow

Shadow drift E Classic Mini with instant torque, lower center of gravity and reserve, 200 km promises a unique combination of performance, handling and style for urban electric vehicle.

Electric shadow drift E Classic Mini © shadow

Swindon Powertrain intends to sell its electric Mini (fully restored and electrified) price OTR (On-The-Road) 79 000 pounds (89 550 euros/101 000 USD) year warranty with no mileage limit.

Interior shadow drift E Classic Mini © shadow

There are a few small additions such as Underfloor heating, charging USB ports, leather heated seat, but the real advantage of modern versions is the presence of an additional 200 litres of space, because it does not require the gas tank. Options also include the infotainment system and satellite navigation system, power steering, full-length sliding fabric roof, air conditioning, and a number of individual exterior colors.

Pictures of electric shadow drift E Classic Mini

Classic Mini that has been converted to electric, probably not a direct competitor to the forthcoming electric car MINI Electric, which will be released in late 2019, but rather as an electric car for classic car fans.

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