The factory Porsche Taycan will clean the air around it

Porsche claims that the company’s first production electric vehicle company Taycan will not be less environmentally friendly than the electric car. Continuing to bring to life his concept of factories with zero pollution, in addition to the maintenance of the enterprise eco-transport, the company decided to cover the building of the plant material, capable of absorbing the nitrogen dioxide — the main pollutant that emit diesel cars.

According to official information from the company, the façade elements of the enterprise is made of aluminum, coated with titanium dioxide. The coating acts as a catalyst and breaks down the trapped particles of the pollutant into harmless water and nitrates, when exposed to sunlight and only at low humidity.

The factory Porsche Taycan will be able to absorb the nitrogen dioxide ©

At this point, the first pilot project, the Porsche is testing a high-tech façade, absorbing the nitrogen dioxide, on the area of 126 square meters.

If the experiment meets expectations, the technology of the surface absorbing the nitric oxide will be used on other buildings.

Recall, Porsche increases production of electric Taycan up to 40 000 a year due to unexpectedly high demand.

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