The former head of BMW and Infiniti Roland Krueger to head the project of electric vehicles Dyson

British manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, Dyson hired the former Manager of BMW and Infiniti Roland Krueger to guide the project of electric vehicles. The company has already announced that it will produce its electric vehicles in Singapore. Now the headquarters of the Dyson moved from the UK to Singapore, where Kruger will oversee the project of electric vehicles Dyson.

Dyson aims to launch a total of three electric vehicles, including the first model in 2021. Kruger was President of the Nissan brand Infiniti in 2014 to start of this month, he has also previously worked at BMW and according to Dyson, Kruger will begin work in April.

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Jim Rowan, CEO of Dyson, told Auto Express that Kruger will be “ideal” for the British brand, which plans to start testing prototypes of its first fully electric vehicle in 2020 and begin its sales in 2021.

“Roland is tested in the world,” said Rowan. “He sees the auto industry as the global landscape, and it is not tied to a specific region. He has knowledge about China, which is a key market for electric vehicles, and he’s a designer by education, but also understands the commercial aspects.”

Currently Dyson on the project of electric vehicles, 450 people work mainly in the technical headquarters of Hullavington, where construction and testing facility. Rowan said the company is still on the way towards the timely completion of the project, and confirmed that the investment amount to a billion dollars (775 million pounds) in 2019 — although he acknowledged that this figure will spread to several countries, but the main funds will be focused on Hullavington.

Dyson will convert a military base in the track proving ground for testing of electric vehicles ©

Dyson electric car will be built in Singapore

New Dyson electric car will be produced at the plant in Singapore. The British company has 400 employees working in the research centre of Wiltshire, however, the new electric car will be manufactured in the Asian country where have a Dyson already has a plant for the production of engines.

In a letter to staff, CEO Dyson Jim Rowan said: “Singapore offers access to fast growing markets, as well as extensive supply chain and highly skilled workforce. It has a relatively high cost, but also a strong bias to the development and use of advanced technologies. So this is the right place to produce high-quality, high-tech machines and suitable place for the production of our electric car”.

The construction of the new plant has already begun and will be completed in 2020, in accordance with the Dyson plans to start selling its electric by 2021.

At the end of August last year, Dyson announced its intention to build a testing ground for its future electric vehicles at the airport Hullavington in Wiltshire.

In Dyson employs more than 12,000 worldwide, including 4,500 engineers and scientists. The five-year road map of the company to establish units of electric vehicles by 2021 and includes the total investment in the amount of 2.8 billion euros.

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