The future of the Grand Prix: McLaren introduced Formula 1 in 2050

McLaren has decided to imagine how will look Formula 1 after three decades. McLaren predicts that the F1 car of 2050 will be an electric car with a maximum speed of 500 km/h, changing the form of aerodynamic components and on-Board artificial intelligence.

McLaren sees the future of Formula 1 only electric car racing ©

For its forecast of McLaren Applied Technologies consulted with the engineers, racers, fans and race strategists, and also examined the technological and marketing trends to shape your vision.

McLaren introduced what will be the Formula 1 in 2050 ©

McLaren F1 in 2050 ©

The company still believes that car racing is open wheel, rear-wheel drive, but without the internal combustion engine, which by that time are long gone.

Track racing F1 future ©

McLaren even suggests that the car will be able to Express the emotions of the driver, illuminating the body with different colors depending on the mood. By the same drivers don’t need a huge team, which is now coordinated by the pilot on the track, because the entire staff will be replaced with artificial intelligence.

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