The growth of the electric car market in Britain led to the closure of the Honda plant in the country

The closure of the automobile plant of Honda in Britain — a signal to all companies producing electric cars.

In 2022 Honda will close its car plant in Swindon, UK, which will lead to the loss of thousands of work places.

At that time, as many are looking for the relationship of the closure of the plant with Brexit, Honda indicates that the main reasons for the closure are unprecedented changes in the automotive market, primarily as the result of mass emergence of electric vehicles.

It turned out that the transition to electric cars is happening faster than expected and Honda just don’t keep up with the changes.

According to many, the same fate may befall other car company in Britain. According to activists, the country needs faster to adapt to changes, Britain should be in the forefront of the global transition to electric vehicles, capturing all the new jobs that will be created in the production of clean vehicles.

The government in turn should help to create a thriving automotive industry that corresponds to the realities of climate change, but in the interest of the politicians on this issue is key. If Britain wants to reduce carbon emissions and reap the economic benefits, it should be one of the best places in the world for the production of electric vehicles. Date of refusal of cars and minibuses with traditional fuels in 2040, established last year by the UK government already looks hopelessly belated.

We will remind, German, Japanese and American autoprevoz concerned about the electric mobility revolution, which may cause unemployment.

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