The insider: EV Mini E Cooper S will have a battery from BMW i3s and cruising range of 320 km

According to Autocar, Mini is preparing to introduce electric model S E Cooper. Therefore, your electric history of the British brand will begin with “hot hatchback”, which is very symbolic in the modern era of the brand.

Cooper S E based on the three-door hatchback Mini platform UKL1, which was not originally designed for the electric vehicle, therefore, was adapted for the electric drivetrain.

As the power unit, with great probability, Cooper S E will use an electric engine from the BMW i3s, the power of which is slightly less than the fuel equivalent, which is used in the Cooper S, what acceleration compared to the engine version will not change.

The first electric car Mini Electric will fuel the analogue of the Cooper S E ©

According to the source, Mini, range electric vehicle will be about 320 km, which provides lithium-ion battery of the BMW i3.

Edition Cooper S will be E the Central event of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Mini brand, and the key at the same time in its history, as in the Mini I think the anniversary is an ideal time to launch such a promising car.

We will remind, the production of the electric Mini will be at a new plant in China and the main plant of the brand in Oxford.

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