The legend of the rally has tested the Porsche Taycan and shared his impressions

In anticipation of the launch, the electric car Porsche Taycan experienced the legendary rally driver Walter Röhrl (Walter Röhrl), which the company provided for the arrival of the black prototype model.

Rally legend Walter Röhrl tested the Porsche Taycan ©

71-year-old pilot admitted that he was not a fan of electric cars, but I would like to Express their honest opinion about how controlled Taycan.
The tests took place near the development center Porsche visage and were accompanied by a crew that barely kept up with electric car on your Porsche Cayenne.

Tests of electric car Porsche Taycan ©

When testing was completed, Röhrl was in awe of this electric vehicle stating that in all the years rally he’s never faced anything like this. The driver noted that the electric car is amazing to cope with the available speeds, and especially Röhrl was impressed with the steering and braking system.

He noted that in the management of the car barely visible in its mass, likely, the engineers have done a great job and good use of a low center of gravity, so the brakes and steering is close to perfect.

In addition Röhrl said that he shared the idea of a company that Taycan though the electric car, but it is still the same Porsche. The driver said that if he had to steer the car blindfolded, but still would have felt that this is a Porsche.

However, it is worth considering the fact that Walter Röhrl works for Porsche, so PR model from the mouth, even the honored rider, may be just advertising.

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