The main points of “electric mobility” meetings in the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Ukraine

On 6 February the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, met with the Ambassador OLE Terje Horpestad, which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada responsible for the development of electromobile industry, head of information resources, NGOs, activists, and representatives of the infrastructure companies of the Ukrainian market of electric mobility.

The main issue or even the agenda of the meeting was how the Norway in a relatively short period of existence of electromobile industry as such, to have achieved such considerable progress on implementation of electric cars, which already serves as an example for many.

Meeting electric mobility community in Ukraine with Ambassador of Norway

In answering this question, Mr. Ambassador quite simply described why the electric vehicles in Norway are in great demand. First, he cited impressive statistics of electric vehicles in the country, which in Norway was already more than 200 000 plus 90, 000 with extra plug-in-hybrid models. The share of electrified cars in Norway reached 11% of the total number of all vehicles. In 2018, sales of electric cars grew by 40% and amounted to one third of the total car market.

The General thesis of his speech why it happened in Norway, were as follows:

  • Anybody who buys electric cars in Norway are exempt from VAT.
  • Electric cars don’t pay for Parking and entry to the center of large cities (in this case it was about capital Oslo), that the traditional car costs an average of €5.
  • Electric available lane for public transport.
  • In a free electric vehicle municipal charging stations in the city centre.
  • The country has installed about 11,000 charging stations and the government subsidizes the installation of fast charging stations on the highways, so travel by car can be anywhere in the state.
  • Especially Mr. Garpestad noted the support of the industry by the state institutions which have set myself a political goal, by 2025, to sell the country’s only electric or hybrid vehicles.

However, according to Mr. Horpestad, policy towards electric vehicles may soon be revised, since the number of such vehicles is sufficiently large, and soon some preferences for them can be canceled or reduced, but overall, to them there is a great loyalty, than to fuel cars.

Continuing the theme, guests of the meeting shared the specifics of the Ukrainian market of electric mobility.

Representatives of the Ministry of infrastructure introduced with some aspects of planning on which to focus in the development of the industry. The first was named the eco-friendly aspect that should be a determining factor in the mass introduction of electric cars. It is also planned to do everything possible to buy the electric car was the most attractive for everyone, and the Foundation should be established rules of market regulation, which is currently several steps ahead of regulators only recently attracted the industry attention.

The main objectives of the Ministry of infrastructure were defined as follows:

  • the establishment of close contact of legislative and Executive authorities in matters of electric mobility;
  • attracting investors to Ukraine;
  • the gradual development of production, perhaps starting with some components for electric vehicles;
  • the creation in Ukraine of the logistics center associated with electric production.

An interesting phase of the meeting was the request for a possible transfer from the Norwegian side of the strategic plan of development of electromobile industry in Ukraine could be used as an example or guide.

Meeting with the Ambassador of Norway OLE Terje Horpestad

To the question “what according to Mr. Horpestad the greatest affect on the boom in electric mobility in Norway: incentives, high taxes on internal combustion engine or environmental responsibility?”, the Ambassador expressed the view that the decisive factor was still benefits, but in General, the impact of all three factors can be assessed in proportion and each of them played a role.

In the final it was noted that Ukraine and Norway quite closely in the development of alternative energy, moreover, have signed an agreement with a private Norwegian company about investing $1.5 billion in the Ukrainian sector of renewable energy.

The participants of the meeting expressed hope that the renewable energy investments increase and green transport as part of a new model of energy market.

In addition, I can read the article that was the impetus for such rapid development of electric mobility in Norway.

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