The mayor of London announced the investment in an electric “black cabs” taxi

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan (Sadiq Khan) has announced plans to invest an additional 24 million pounds to help more drivers of “black cabs” have to pass to electromobiles. So the plans will more than double the existing Fund TfL 18 million pounds. In addition, grants will be restructured to provide more payments at higher levels.

More than 1,000 drivers will benefit in the amount of £ 10,000 from the sale of its cars with internal combustion engines and the purchase of electric cars. The total number of drivers who will benefit from the investment will exceed 5000. If all drivers will participate in the program, it is estimated that CO2 emissions from taxis will be reduced by 20%.

London is making every effort to improve air quality. Electric “black cabs” can travel in the zones without CO2 emissions created in the centre of London. By 2025, the proposal to transport for London (TfL) aims to reduce CO2 emissions from taxis by 65%.

“Working with taxi drivers to reduce CO2 emissions is a key part of our plans to improve air quality in London,” said the mayor Sadiq Khan.

Electric taxi LEVC TX on charging ©

The proposal also includes other regulations such as the tightening of terms of operation of a taxi which is not allowed to work more than 15 years, and further reduction of age limit for polluting the air taxi under the age of 12 years by 2022. London authorities also want to abolish the age limit for vehicles that drive on alternative fuel. Alex Williams, Director of urban planning, transport for London believes that the new measures will encourage more drivers to buy a new environmental taxi and accelerate the pace of electrification of transport.

London is also working on the electrification of other forms of public transport, providing 48 million pounds (about 55 million euros) 19 municipalities in England and Wales to purchase 263 of the new electric buses and related infrastructure, 20 of which will run on hydrogen. According to the government, a new round of funding will double the number of electric buses in the UK. TfL will receive the largest single grant for the purchase of 63 new electric buses.

From 1 January 2018 all new “cabs-taxi”, which issued the license, should be electric. Currently London is served by more than 1,000 new environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as more than 150 quick chargers, which charge their taxis “black cabs”. 64 point fast charging specially designed for black cabs. By 2020 there will be at least 300 charging points to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles.

To make transport for London more sustainable, it is vital that the capital observed a number of limitations. Area with ultra-low emissions (ULEZ) will be introduced in April 2019 in accordance with some of the toughest standards in the world. In London efforts are also being made on the electrification of the bus fleet to 2037 (hybrids and fully electric buses), as well as discontinuing the use of the buses operating only on diesel fuel.

Recall that the UK government has invested in installing 350 charging points for electric taxis.

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