The most significant events in the electric mobility market in Ukraine to 2018

From the very beginning in 2018, has become extremely favourable for the Ukrainian market of electric vehicles, as from January 1, entered into force grace period on imports of electric vehicles without duties and VAT, the validity of which was designed for 12 months.

Thanks to the benefits the market has intensified and the sales of electric cars has increased every month. In Ukraine started official sales of the popular electric vehicles, for example, models for the ZOE and Kangoo Z. E. from the company “Renault Ukraine”.

The stand of “Renault Ukraine” at the exhibition Plug-in 2018 Ukraine

2018 for electric mobility market in Ukraine was marked by the Prime Minister, which took place in the framework of the 3rd international exhibition of electric vehicle Plug-in 2018 Ukraine. Among the symbolic presentations of the exhibition to mark the debut of the Tesla Model 3, which Ukraine presented even before she made her informal presentation in Europe at the Geneva motor show.

Exclusive Tesla Model 3 presented in Ukraine

Was in the past year and misunderstandings, for example, the head of Ukravtodor scored a controversial statement that electric cars threaten the quality of road surfaces (where to find in Ukraine qualitatively the pavement in Ukravtodor not suggested).

The official statement however has not been affected by positive trends, among which special attention deserves the opening in Ukraine of the network of charging stations STRUM, the first location which are already in operation in different parts of the capital.

Charging station STRUM in the Central Department store on Khreshchatyk

All this happened on the background of the positive legislation that has created favorable conditions for the development of charging stations. It turns out that existing law on “licensing of economic activity” does not require networks of charging stations for obtaining a license for the sale of electricity, which greatly simplifies their discovery and work.

Perhaps this is why public institutions have also started to convert their fleets to electric cars. A pioneer in this direction was the national Bank of Ukraine, which has purchased several electric cars and installed charging stations near its stores in the capital.

Electric Vehicles Hyundai Ioniq Electric Of The National Bank Of Ukraine © Facebook National Bank Of Ukraine

A good signal for the electrification of the automobile market of Ukraine was the statement of the head of the “Ukrenergo” that electric vehicles have a positive impact on the energy system of Ukraine, which dispelled all speculation about what the power grid of the country is not ready for mass introduction of electric vehicles.

From September 2018 electric market fever. The reason, the imminent expiration of the grace period on import of electric vehicles. Of course, everyone was waiting for from the government a reasonable solution to the issue of renewal of privileges. To support this initiative in the cities of Ukraine held a rally of electromobility in the frame of the action “Pdnpulse” designed to promote environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Collection of elektromobilitat for mileage in Kiev near the monument to founders of Kiev

Possible actions helped, as the Supreme Council finally voted for the extension of preferential treatment on the import of electric vehicles until 31 December 2022. Bill No. 9260 was supported by 236 deputies. Recall that benefits on the import of electric vehicles to reduce their cost by 15-20%.

Electric vehicles near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the framework of the run “Pdnpulse”

The adoption of a law that makes electric cars more affordable, had just what we needed, especially after the news from Tesla, which has made its bestseller Model 3 is officially available for the Ukrainian market, opening an opportunity for customers in Ukraine order a model directly on the company website. Then it is necessary to mention the second surprise from Tesla, which in 2019 is preparing to open in Ukraine 2 charging stations Supercharger, what Elon Musk said on Twitter, and this as we know is equivalent to an accomplished event.

Less global, but still important event in 2018, was the departure for the route Kiev all-electric bus Skywell, which was the second bus of the brand commissioned in Ukraine after a successful first run in Vinnitsa.

Electric bus Skywell on the Kiev route 599 © Facebook SkywellUkraine

Prospects of electric vehicles was evaluated and the largest seller of electricity in Ukraine, state enterprise “Energorynok”, which has expanded its fleet with 4 new carts Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

GP “energy” is transplanted to electric cars Hyundai Ioniq Electric

On the background of positive news on the electric car market in 2018, it is necessary to highlight different exhibitions and events that have occurred over the last 12 months in the country. After all, they are the driving force that lead the country to the future of mobility.

As already mentioned, a landmark event for the third consecutive year, is the international show Plug-in Nicaragua, which presented a lot of electric vehicles, subsequently left on the roads of Ukraine.

Exhibition Plug-In 2018 Ukraine

Another important event of the year was the exhibition of eco-vehicles EcoDriveShow, where visitors could not only see but also to try out the latest models of electric cars, and other vehicles with electric drive.

Exhibition of eco-vehicles EcoDriveShow

A noteworthy event took place in 2018 in the framework of the III Exhibition of electric vehicles, hybrids and eco-gadgets and personal modes of transport EcoDriveExpo 2018. Rally “goodbye fuel dependence!” attracted many participants, who on their electric vehicles held a demonstration protest in ignoring and zooming the Kiev station, which came in the way and had no charging stations.

A great event for the electric mobility market has become the second Ukrainian 2018 EV Forum, where business and government shared their vision for the development of electromobility in Ukraine.

Another interesting exhibition electric novelties “Ecology of enterprise” in 2018 took place at the Kyiv IEC.

Electric vehicle exposition at the exhibition “Ecology of enterprise 2018”

A brief overview of news and events of the outgoing year I would like to conclude with two achievements, the first is set by Ukrainian Sergey Malik world speed record for electric bike “Dnepr” and the second is that on roads of Ukraine at the end of 2018 sold almost 19 000 electrified vehicles of which 10 000 pure electric cars is 54% more than the previous year, but is not the limit, so work on!

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