The new strategy involves the production of Ford electrified versions of all new cars for the European market

Ford announced its new strategy, under which the company will introduce electric versions of all passenger vehicles in Europe.

Stephen Armstrong, Vice President and group President in Europe, middle East and Africa announced the restructuring of the company and transforming the business of Ford in Europe. According to him, Ford will invest in the vehicle, services, segments and markets to best support long-term sustainable profitable business creating valuable products for all stakeholders and customers.

The automaker announced plans to stop production of several vehicles in Europe, as it was last year in the United States.

The new strategy involves the production of Ford electrified versions of all new cars in Europe ©

As for electric cars, the company said it wants to release new electric cars and electrified versions of all future models (hybrids and plug-in hybrids). A similar strategy have Volvo, Jaguar and INFINITI.

According to the strategy, each model, starting with the new Ford Focus, Fiesta and Transit will be the electric variant is a hybrid, plugin hybrid or pure electric vehicle, which will provide the widest range of electrified options for European customers.

In addition, Ford has confirmed that in 2020 will release a new all-electric crossover based on the classic Mustang.

The news of the new Ford strategy appeared few weeks after the EU announced the agreement to reduce emissions from new cars by 37.5% by 2030, which will force automakers to sell more electric vehicles in Europe.

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