The Nio runs a network of stations for replacing batteries for electric cars

Installed on the G2 Expressway in China, the station battery replacement Nio can replace a discharged battery with a fully charged one in 3 minutes.

Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles Nio announced the completion of the first network of stations for replacing batteries. On the highway between Beijing and Shanghai was built eight stations.

Box battery replacement for 3 minutes electric SUV Nio ES8 ©

According to the manufacturer, these stations can be replace fully discharged batteries of electric vehicles Nio for 3 minutes. On the map published by the Nio also shows a second route with another 18 planned stations for replacement batteries, which is between Beijing and Shenzhen.

Our battery swap network along the G2 Expressway is online! NIO vehicle owners can now travel from Beijing to Shanghai without needing to charge up. #blueskycoming #NIO

— NIO (@NIOGlobal) January 16, 2019

This infrastructure should allow drivers to travel long distances on their electric cars Nio, without worrying about reserve.

Meanwhile, the change process is fully automatic: the electric car pulls into the station where he is served by a system which automatically replaces the battery. Currently the system is only compatible with an electric vehicle Nio ES8.

The device for replacement of batteries store and recharge the batteries ready for their next use, while periodically checking their condition to ensure that drivers are only the most healthy food elements. Automated device for replacing the battery are just three normal Parking spaces.

Mobile vans for electric vehicle charging NIO “Power Mobile” ©

In addition to the battery replacement, the Nio provides the service of fast charging called Nio “Power Mobile”. Service is necessary for cases when drivers misjudge the range of stocks of course your electric car. “Power Mobile” consists of a fleet of vans with mobile charging stations which can provide a 100 km range speed when charging in just 10 minutes, and it is enough to reach the next station battery replacement.

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