The Norwegian company will join the fleet of the Tesla electrogrooving Semi

Electric Tesla Semi trucks are used to transport goods from Europe to Norway. Travel Retail Norway pre-purchase the electric trucks, planning to use them for transportation of goods and cargo from Europe to Norway. The company wants to be the first person to transport goods from Europe to Norway on electric trucks.

As noted Dagestad Hakon (Haakon Dagestad), head of communications at Travel Retail Norway, electric trucks will be powered by renewable energy. The warehouse is already equipped with solar panels that generate electricity.

Electric Tesla truck Semi ©

According to Dagestad, charging electrogrooving renewable energy will have a positive impact on the climate and reduce pollution.

During the presentation of the Tesla Semi in the Netherlands and after the world debut of the electric truck Jerome Gillen (Jerome Guillen), Vice-President for trucks Tesla, said Tesla Semi will be produced for the European market in accordance with its rules and standards in the field of transportation.

Travel Retail Norway is not the first customer Tesla Semi from Norway. Norwegian company Asko has designed the pre-order for 10 electric Semi trucks Tesla for a few weeks after the presentation of the electric truck in Norway.

According to preliminary data, Tesla received around 2000 pre-orders for its electric truck.

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