The Tesla electric truck Semi red bodywork being tested in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles spotted a new prototype of the Tesla electric truck Semi red. Observers were sure that this is a brand new working prototype which I test one of the modifications of the model, but the verification number was that this is the familiar model of the black color, which was repainted in red or pasted film.

Electric Tesla Semi truck seen in red © Twitter Derek Rasina

Recall that the Tesla electric truck was officially presented by the company last fall. According to preliminary data Semi will have the capacity to 25 tons, and the reserve production version according to Elon musk will amount to 960 km.

Electric Tesla Semi truck in red © Twitter Derek Rasina

Despite the fact that the truck still is under development, several large companies have already made pre-orders for several dozen of electric trucks.

Tesla Semi in red the bodywork being tested in Los Angeles © Twitter Derek Rasina

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