The Tesla Model 3 ready to be loaded on a ship to Europe or China

A huge number of Tesla Model 3 was discovered in the port of San Francisco before the first of the foreign supplies.

Last month Tesla began to discover the Model 3 orders for reservists in several European markets and has gradually expanded the list of countries.

The Tesla Model 3 in the Parking lot at the port of San Francisco © Twitter Somehowwelost

Tesla has registered 21 308 VIN Model 3, intended for export to Europe and China. By segmenting these 21 308 VIN by region, we see that 73% of the registered VIN Tesla Model 3 are “international”, which can only mean that Tesla is on schedule for deliveries to China and Europe.

Now, it seems that the car maker collects a large quantity of cars Model 3 in the port of San Francisco:

Die Invasion beginnt. Tausende @Tesla Model 3 machen sich gerade auf den Weg nach Europa. Es Bald werden zehntausende, hunderttausende, Millionen sein. Und die deutsche Automobilindustrie schaut hilflos zu. ???? ???? ☠ I

— Somehow, we lost. ???????? (@somehowwelost) January 11, 2019

Judging by the photo, the cargo will be mostly, if not completely, consist of the electric car Model 3, and this is the first important party that will travel abroad. Roughly in Europe or China. It is estimated that the Parking lot can be more than 1000 units.

Although sending, most likely, goes to Europe, she also can go to China, where Tesla now takes orders from the owners of the reservation and recently opened up orders for everyone.

According to the port company, which is engaged in unloading vehicles at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, they plan to process 3000 Model 3 in a week coming to Europe, starting next month.

As we reported earlier, as of last week, Tesla has received more than 14,000 orders Model 3 in Europe. It is only from the owners of the reservations, and it is expected that their number will grow since Tesla opened orders Model 3 to the public in Europe and China.

In these markets, Tesla is currently taking orders for a version of Model 3 Performance and Dual Motor AWD, which are the most expensive versions of the electric car.

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