The Tesla owner claims that the autopilot automatically regained control of Model 3 after the release of out of control on ice

The electric car Tesla Model 3 on autopilot was driving on ice and is out of control, and the owner claims that the driver assistance system independently regained control of the car and brought him back to the lane.

Last week Eric Laperrier (Eric Laperriere) was driving his Tesla Model 3 on the highway outside of Montreal, and, on the icy road, the electric car went out of control and turned into two lanes to the right.

The driver assistance system, preventing the vehicle to go out of control, are not something new. If the vehicle has a stabilization system, and stability control for many years, but the owner of Model 3 in Quebec, argues that Tesla’s Autopilot did much more.

Driver Model 3 argues that the autopilot system, which helps the traction control system and four-wheel drive, automatically managed to regain control and to return the electric vehicle to the Central traffic lane.

Also Laperrier claims that he did not touch the wheel during the entire event, captured on video:

Recently we have seen a few other videos on autopilot that help prevent accidents, especially after Tesla released their own app for DVRs.

We also saw earlier how the autopilot saved the driver of the Tesla Model X from an imminent accident with a truck.

If the autopilot actually managed to regain control and return the Model 3 back to the Central lane, that’s impressive.

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