The Toyota Prius C will be removed from production in favor of Corolla Hybrid 2020

Toyota confirmed that its the smallest and cheapest hybrid the Toyota Prius Csold in 2012, will cease to exist to give way to a slightly larger and more economical Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020.

The Prius C inventory of 2019 is already limited and in total there are about 700 vehicles, and a full transition to Corolla Hybrid should be completed in the next couple of months.

The hybrid Toyota Prius ©

Corolla Hybrid is a car that is dramatically different from Prius C is closer in size and comfort to the regular Prius.

Hybrid, Toyota Corolla 2020 will go on sale this spring, its price has not yet been announced, but considering that it will be sold in the Prius segment, the average price of which starts from $23 770, the estimated cost of the new hybrid it can be assumed.

Recall that before the release of the hybrid car market, Toyota managed to lead in the new commercial for the Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020.

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