The US state Department warns of terrorist attacks in Barcelona

Representatives of the Bureau of consular Affairs State Department of the United States warned of terrorist attacks that may occur in the period of New year celebrations in Barcelona (Spain).

“We recommend you be very careful in places of high concentration of motor transport in Barcelona during the festive period. Terrorists can attack anywhere, but their priority goals — tourist places, transport interchanges and other crowded places. For example, the area of Las Ramblas”, — stated in the message, which was published in the official Twitter of the Bureau of consular Affairs US Department of state.

The aim of the office is to inform U.S. citizens about the dangers that can trap them in foreign travels. According to the newspaper Observador, especially to fear on Christmas, which almost certainly try to spoil the terrorists.

“You should be wary of areas of Catalunya and the Portal de La Pau, which can be attacked at Christmas,” writes Observador.

In August of last year, recall that in Barcelona there have been a series of autotrace, which killed sixteen people and injured one hundred and thirty.

Responsibility for the terrorist attacks, one of which occurred on the street of La Rambla, took on the organization of “Islamic state.”* In cell IG*, which staged attacks consisted of twelve people who were arrested or eliminated. Spanish law enforcement authorities, however, do not exclude the existence in Barcelona of other terrorist cells.

* The organization is banned in Russia by the decision of the Supreme court

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