Uber will be handing out £3000 of London’s drivers to buy electric car

Uber fully electrificare your Park in London, in connection with increases in capital prices. According to the company this is done in order to help drivers to buy electric vehicles. Now each trip will be added to the charge for clean air at the rate of 15 pence per mile.

The company expects that in the coming years this scheme will gather more than £200 million, which will be used to help drivers switch to electric cars.

Uber stated that they will seek to expand this initiative in other UK cities, to help in matters of air pollution.

The introduction of additional charges will add about 45 pence to the average trip in London. According to the company, to the London driver, using the app on average 40 hours per week, will have about £3000 to buy electric car in two years.

Uber expects to give out cash to 20 000 45 000 of their drivers in London, to help them switch to the electric vehicles by 2021.

The initiative looks favorable in light of the fact that the mayor of London introduced a fee on the toxicity of £10 for entry to the center of the capital of old vehicles.

Also we must not forget that London is increasingly renounces the use of cars with internal combustion engines, closing them for travel on certain streets and creating a zone of “zero-emission” which restricted movement is not environmentally friendly modes of transport.

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