Video: autopilot Tesla Model 3 helped to avoid accidents during snow storms

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 argues that the emergency braking function of its electric car was involved before he was able to see for myself stuck in the middle of the road car during a snowstorm and helped to avoid the accident.

The whole incident was recorded on video and the owner of the Tesla Model 3 shared with Reddit with their driving experience during the snow storm last week:

Threading the needle. Model 3 auto braked and kept from sliding out, avoiding a crash while driving too fast for conditions. from r/TeslaModel3

According to the owner of the electric vehicle, the sensors of the autopilot recognize the obstacle in front of his car before he saw the driver. Model 3 suddenly stopped and made a rebuilding in the next number; at the same time the autopilot independently stabilize the car and prevent skidding on a slippery road.

Although Tesla’s Autopilot is a pretty impressive use of Autonomous driving features, it’s still only in “beta” and is intended for use under the full control of the driver, always ready to take control of the vehicle.

However, even if you do not activate the system, it still supports some active safety features such as emergency braking. And in this case, the front sensors Tesla has proven its effectiveness in detecting potential obstacles in front of the car.

This new incident may be an example of how the system can also better identify the obstacle in poor visual conditions, than the driver.

Recall recently one of the owners of Model 3 tested the autopilot on the roads of Quebec during a snowstorm.

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