Video: first Tesla Supercharger connector DC CCS Combo 2 in Norway

Norway is preparing to meet official Model 3, so is upgrading
fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharger, equipping them with connectors DC CCS Combo charging port which will be equipped with the European version of the Model 3.

Video from Bjørn Nyland you can look at the country’s first Tesla Supercharger station, ready to charge the models of the Troika with the CCS Combo 2 ports.

Because in the future it is expected that sales of Model 3 will be much higher than that of Model S/X taken together, we assume that eventually the company will fully switch to CCS Combo in Europe and in new models S and X, and possibly with the option to upgrade for older cars.

Indicate the types of connectors the Tesla Supercharger station for two charging port © Bjørn Nyland YouTube

We will remind, at the moment, Tesla has received more than 14,000 orders Model 3 owners from booking in Europe.

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