Video: what to do in an emergency situation with Tesla Model 3

Interesting video with the participation of the fire brigade of the city of Fremont was taken at the fire station next to the Tesla factory. The video gives details on all high-voltage components in electric car Tesla Model 3, their location, and on how to safely interact with them in the event of an accident or fire of the electric vehicle.

Video is constructive, practical and educational interest. Over the past year on U.S. roads, a huge number of sedans “third” model, in which the electrical parts are different from Model S and X, therefore, for firefighters it is important to correctly identify a car and be able to work with him in different situations.

I really hope that the video be useful to competent people in Ukraine, because Model 3 officially you can order for our country, and even in small quantities, but the model will still be present on the Ukrainian roads.

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