Volkswagen CEO: Tesla controls 50% of the market of electric vehicles, we want the second half

Volkswagen CEO Scott Keogh (Scott Keogh) in North America, gave a detailed interview to the magazine Motor Trend, which touched on themes “desligada” and electric mobility.

According to him, the active transition of the company to electric forms of transport is largely a consequence of oil and the way of the group to move forward with the expectation to make excuses for the past and win back their faithful fans.

Answering the question about the electrification strategy of the brand, the head of VW said that they come to the market with a massive advantage and lots of products. According to him, 50% of the market of electric cars Tesla controls and 50% of all the others. Who will get the 50% is unclear, because as a revolutionary product has not yet emerged.

Volkswagen I. D. CROZZ — electric car company, which will be made in USA ©

Despite the fact that the Cattle Keogh heads the North American office of the company, he said that the biggest market for electric vehicles will be China, which needs huge amount of environmentally friendly cars to get rid of the smog and other environmental problems. As for the US, the consumer prefers technology and that Volkswagen has been successful in this market, it needs a policy that stimulates innovation and change.

Recall that Volkswagen is investing $ 800 million into the American manufacturing plant where electric vehicles will be electric cars on the platform of the MEB, the first electric car came off the Assembly line in the United States will become electrocreaser I. D. CROZZ.

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