Volkswagen confirmed the production budget of an electric car until 2024 “the size of the T-Roc”

Volkswagen plans to produce affordable electric car for the mass market, which will have the same proportion with 5-door diesel crossover T-Roc. The novelty will be fully electric and cost about $23 000. Volkswagen has previously stated his desire to create a huge range of electric vehicles and to become a world leader in the field of electrical technology.

Just last week the company was in talks about how to let other companies-competitors to use their MEB architecture for electric vehicles.

According to Michel Jost (Jost Michel), head of product strategy for VW, the company is the leading region, in terms of cost and scalability, electric platform MEB.

Modular electric platform MEB ©

VW Group’s ambitious aims to launch 27 new vehicles, most of which will be built on the platform of MEB by 2025.

The company also strives to make a electric model available at a price. The first budget will be an electric car cost about $23 000 which dimensions will resemble a crossover T-Roc. Jost confirmed that the company is developing an electric car that can cost about twice less than the basic version of the Tesla Model 3.

Yet the company officially has not provided any technical specifications and details about the configuration of future trends, however, according to conservative estimates, the electric vehicle may have a power reserve on a single charge from 240 to 320 km.

Production will be undertaken at the Volkswagen plant in Emden in Germany, which currently produces the Passat and Arteon.

VW Group is also developing a similar model for its brands Audi, Seat and Skoda to succeed in achieving ambitious goals for the development of electromobility.

Recall that Volkswagen is preparing to manufacture electric cars on the basis of the MEB 8 factories around the world.

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