Volkswagen has announced a mobile charging station with battery 360 kWh

Volkswagen has presented its new project mobile charging station with battery capacity of 360 kW⋅h. According to a press release, the mobile station is planned for installation at different points, e.g. public Parking in town, in the premises of the company or as a temporary point of charging electric vehicles at major events and can be found easily through the Internet or mobile apps. Mobile charging station works on the principle of “poverbank”, which is familiar to many smartphone users.

Volkswagen has announced a mobile charging station with battery 360 kWh ©

Each charging station provides fast charging DC power up to 100 kW. In addition to electric vehicles, from the mobile station can charge the other electric vehicle, e.g. electric Bicycle. At one station can simultaneously charge up to four vehicles: two with DC and two AC connection.

The entire charging station is designed to charge 15 electric vehicles (charging to 80% capacity of the current e-Golf), and the whole process thanks to the technology fast charging takes approximately 17 minutes. If the energy capacity of one of the sets of the station is less than 20% discharged charging station is replaced with a charged one.

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Charging station can power up to 30 kW at standard network connection AC that allows you to simply and quickly install these charging points of electric cars without any structural changes or significant financial costs. The battery charging station can charge around the clock through a direct connection to a power source.

“Our mobile charging stations offer another decisive advantage,” says mark Moeller, head of technical development Department of the Volkswagen Group. If the process cell is charging based on renewable power source, the charging station provides temporary storage of sustainably generated energy, such as solar or wind.

A new energy storage system from Volkswagen is based on a battery pack as in the MEB platform on which are based the all-new Volkswagen electric vehicles. On the one hand, this gives the advantage of rapid scalability, on the other hand, a mobile charging station allows spent batteries from electric vehicles to get a second life. This is because battery electric vehicles over time, loses charging capacity, if the battery of the electric vehicle has a certain minimum residual capacity, it is replaced. These batteries undergo a thorough analysis and after they can be reused in the mobile charging station.

Volkswagen reports that the first mobile quick-charging station will be installed in the first half of 2019 in the hometown of the company in the framework of the pilot project and will contribute to the expansion of the charging infrastructure in urban areas.

We will remind, recently Volkswagen gave Wolfsburg 12 mobile charging stations, but with batteries of smaller capacity of 200 kWh.

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