Volkswagen has created a power company with a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

A subsidiary of Volkswagen Group — Elli will develop the charging infrastructure and renewable energy.

Volkswagen Group creates a group of companies for the development and provision of services in the field of energy and charging infrastructure that emphasizes the strategic goal of the company to become the leading provider of sustainable mobility. Elli Group GmbH with headquarters in Berlin develops products and services related to green energy and charging electric vehicles for brands of the Volkswagen Group.

As noted by Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Board of Directors of Volkswagen, responsible for electric mobility, as one of the world’s largest automakers, Volkswagen intends to accelerate the development of electric mobility, grasp the development of renewable energy sources and the search for intelligent charging.

Thorsten Niklas, appointed CEO Elli, announced that the new company of the Volkswagen Group will offer customers clean power from renewable sources that are 100% neutral with respect to CO2.

According to Niklas, the former General Director of a joint venture Digital Energy Solutions, the mission of Volkswagen Group is to bring electric mobility from a narrow niche and firmly fasten it in the mainstream. New company name “Elli” means “electric life” or “lifestyle”, which the company intends to integrate in people’s everyday lives. This approach can be compared with the use of a mobile phone, which in our days is taken for granted.

The company will gradually increase its portfolio of electricity, a wall-mounted charging stations, and energy management systems on the basis of IT. The Volkswagen Group will create a comprehensive, sustainable ecosystem, which will solve the main problem and provide answers to energy issues that arise for owners of electric vehicles and fleet operators.

Up to launch the Volkswagen I. D., the first model based on a modular platform MEB, in 2020 the company will successfully implement a large number of decisions that need residential and commercial customers in the area of electric mobility now and in the future — from hardware to pricing, additional digital services and a comprehensive set of recommendations.

A brief overview of the business areas in which the company Elli will work:
Green energy for homes

In the future, clients will meet with the products of the Volkswagen Group not only in showrooms, but also in their homes, for which the company will provide energy from renewable energy sources. Tariffs for “green” energy will be announced by Volkswagen Group in the near future. Volkswagen Naturstrom will produce energy from renewable sources (hydroelectric, which has been certified by TÜV, without producing CO2).

Charging home: Wallbox

Customers can choose between different options Wallbox for safe, fast and convenient charging of electric vehicles at home. Cheap wall AC unit 11 kW suitable for charging over night.

Wall charger for electric vehicles Wallbox VW ©

Smart charging: smart energy management

High-performance charging station DC power 22 kW can make an electric vehicle energy storage system and part of the smart grid of the future through bidirectional charging and connecting to the energy management system. It is possible to store electricity in the car and use it for the house, to submit it to the grid for income. Of course, stationary battery storage will also play a key role in this context in the future. Energy management system will decide, in accordance with the instructions received from the owner which type of energy should be used when, at what price and for what purpose. Because not all electric vehicles are charged simultaneously, the load on the mains will be reduced, while optimizing the cost of electricity for home use and mobility.

Charging stations in Parking lots for employees and partners of Volkswagen

Elli Volkswagen will install charging in car parks and car showrooms. Initially the company’s activities will include the expansion of charging stations in private Parking lots for the employees of Volkswagen with 1000 units today to more than 5,000 by 2020 and equipping all 4000 dealers and service partners in the EU chargers by 2020.

Payment at destination: fleet customers and retail outlets

In the field of fleet Elli will support the brands of the group in connection with the transition of its fleet customers to electric vehicles. Companies that do not have fleet, will also be able to access advice on energy and charging infrastructure, especially with regard to the installation, operation and maintenance. Elli talks on cooperation in the installation of charging stations in Parking lots of clients of large networks.

Charging on the road

Elli also makes charging at public places is an extremely positive experience thanks to the convenient digital payment using a payment card with individual tariffs.

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