Volkswagen is preparing to manufacture electric cars on the basis of the MEB 8 plants

Recently, Volkswagen announced to invest $ 800 million in its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, to prepare it for the production of fully electric vehicles in 2022. The plant will be equipped with the battery elements from the new SK Innovation battery factory in Georgia. Production in Chattanooga will apply to vehicles, motors and batteries.

The Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA ©

At the plant in Chattanooga, the German manufacturer intends to produce fully electric cars on the basis of the MEB and in 7 locations around the world, and we expect that in the future it will be declared even more:

    • Zwickau (Zwickau), Germany in 2019
    • ANTING (Anting), China in 2020
    • Foshan (Foshan), China in 2020
    • Dresden (Dresden), Germany
    • Mladá Boleslav (Mlada Boleslav), Czech Republic
    • Emden (Emden), Germany 2022
    • Hanover (Hanover), Germany 2022
    • Chattanooga (Chattanooga), Tennessee, United States 2022

8 plants on 3 continents Volkswagen production electric vehicle on a new platform MEB ©

The first fully electric model on the basis of the MEB in 2020 will be Volkswagen I. D. CROZZ in the United States. We assume that in Chattanooga will produce some electric VW models, including Volkswagen I. D. BUZZ.

Electric crossover Volkswagen I. D. CROZZ ©

By investing in electric vehicles by 2023 in the amount of almost $ 50 billion (44 billion euros), the Volkswagen Group hopes to produce 150,000 electric cars per year by 2020 and 1 million by 2025. For comparison, in 2018, VW has released a total of 50 000 electric cars (including plug-in hybrids).

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