Volkswagen reveals details of the operation of the plant for recycling of batteries of electric vehicles

Volkswagen will create the Salzgitter plant for recycling of batteries of electric vehicles, which can process about 1,200 tons of material per year, which is equivalent to 3000 batteries.

Future Volkswagen electric vehicles family I. D., battery which is recycled:

Electric Car Volkswagen I. D.

Electric car Volkswagen I. D. CROZZ

Electric car Volkswagen I. D. BUZZ

Electric car Volkswagen I. D. VIZZION

How will the process of recycling batteries?

First of all, the battery will be analyzed. Next, they will identify 2 ways: either the battery gets so-called “second life”, or it is recycled.

Analysis of b/u batteries of electric vehicles for further use: 1. Secondary use as storage of energy. 2. Processing ©

One of the possible options for reuse of the battery, its application as a component for fast charging stations that can operate autonomously on the principle of Power Bank. Batteries with the spent resource is ideal for this application.

Scheme for recycling of batteries of electric vehicles ©

Batteries that do not pass inspection for reuse will be disposed of. During this process, the individual parts of the battery are first crushed, then the material is dried and sieved, allowing staff to retrieve the so-called “black powder”, which contains valuable raw materials of cobalt, lithium, manganese and Nickel. These materials then you just need to divide, after which they again can be used to produce new batteries.

In the long term Volkswagen set a very ambitious goal — to recycle 97% of all raw materials. Today, technology is the recycling of batteries allows utilization of 53% of the materials plant in Salzgitter need to increase this figure to 72%.

Recall effective recycling of batteries of electric vehicles is technically feasible.

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